The Great Plant Hunt

...following in Darwins footsteps

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Developed by RBG Kew, commissioned and funded by The Wellcome Trust

For The Wellcome Trust:

Clare Matterson, Director of Medicine, Society and History; Daniel Glaser, Head of Special Projects; Amy Sanders, Project Manager, Darwin 200; Eleanor Boddington and Sabien Khan, Legal.

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Executive Producer

Angela McFarlane


Teachers Handbook: Gail Bromley MBE, Susan Allan; Following in Darwin’s Footsteps: Aileen O’Riordan, Pat Triggs

Project Manager, Senior Producer

Khairoun Abji


Sarah Bell, Megan Gimber

Contributors, Researchers

Sarah Bell, Sue Hunt, John Adams, Steve Alton, Gemma Bramley, Wolfgang Stuppy, Rebecca Howarth, Robin Probert, Lindsay Robb, Kiri Ross-Jones, Mary Smith, Roger Smith OBE, Megan Gimber

Teaching Consultants

Helen Rainsford, Veronica Moore, Sally Jones, Astrid Krumins, Sue Hunt


Graham Thomas, Harriet Williams, Bronwyn Friedlander, David Yard, Jennifer Bailey, Chloe Kembery


Catherine Daniels


Herbiseed, Arthur Hoare Sarah Bell, Andrew McRobb, Wolfgang Stuppy, Gemma Bramley, Steve Alton, John Adams, Lindsay Robb.

Additional images:

© John Bebbington FRP, © Jonathan Drori CBE, © Patrick Roper, © Cliff Webb, © Christine Hanrahan, © James Lindsey, © Trevor Grant, © Nancy L. Foote (see for image references)


Dandelion life cycle © Anne Bebbington; Leaf templates page © Anne Bebbington; Lily, Ash and Joseph characters: Jamie Lenman; Following in Darwin's Footsteps/worksheets: Guy Allen; Figure of Charles Darwin: Sophie Allsopp

Project Steering Group

Angela McFarlane, Michael Reiss, Amy Sanders, Ruth Bartholemew, Paul Smith, Christine Newton, Robin Probert, Tom Jackson, Gina Fullerlove, Mike Saunders, Anna Quenby


Monique Simmonds, Paul Smith


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Plant Hunter videos (largeblue)

Ade Thomas, Executive Producer; Verity Cowper, Producer/Director; Marianne Huet, Editor; Charlie Stanfield, Camera Operator, Marc Stevenson, Animator

Location filming

Bjorn Rudner (South Africa and Botswana), Tanya Petersen (Australia locations)

Mister Darwin and ‘how to’ videos

Lottie Gamon, Executive Producer; Joe Cohen, Producer/Director; Annika Summerson, Cinematography; Jo Vale, Sound; Michael Aaglund, Editor.

Plant Hunters

Fiona Hay, Dan Duvall, Carly Cowell, Richard Johnstone, Masego Kruger, Moctar Sacande. Thanks to Kew's Millennium Seed Bank, the New South Wales Seedbank at Mount Annan Botanic Garden, the South African National Biodiversity Institute and the Seed Conservation Centre at Adelaide Botanic Gardens