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Welcome to the Thinking Walk Page


Each year we add another Thinking Walk to the Great Plant Hunt website.

This year we add a fun new Great Plant Hunt activity: The Plant Champions Thinking Walk.

Our Thinking Walks are suitable for all age groups, Foundation, Key Stage 1 and 2, and work perfectly alongside the other Great Plant Hunt activities to help children learn about and explore many aspects of the plant part of the curriculum in a fun way.

2013 Secret Shapes Thinking Walk

  • Secret Shapes and Fractal Fun TW PDF
  • About Shapes in Nature and Fractal Fun PPT

Thinking Walks

The new thinking walks follow a similar structure to the other walks in the project.

2012 Plant Champions Thinking Walk

  • Plant Champions TW PDF
  • A4 Dice (pictures) PDF
  • A4 Dice (words) PDF
  • About Plant Champions PPT

2011 Forest Finder Thinking Walk

  • Forest Finder TW PDF
  • How to make a forest finderPDF
  • About Forests PDF

2010 Biodiversity Thinking Walk

  • Biodiversity (Colour) TW PDF
  • Biodiversity (Black and White) TW PDF
  • About Biodiversity PPT
  • How to make a biodiversity fortune-teller PPT

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Things to read before your walk

Here are a few downloads that might be useful to read before your walk.

How this fits in the curriculem

As with the rest of The Great Plant Hunt activities, the biodiversity thinking walk enjoys close links with the national curriculum for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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